Tombstone and Boothill Arizona
The Town that Refused to Die

Just before arriving in Tombstone from the north, you reach Boot Hill first.  This is the graveyard for the settlers and cowboys from Tombstone. Most settlers would have been buried on their homesteads and so it was mostly outlaws here. It was used between 1879 and 1884

here are many famous graves here from history including those from the “Gunfight at the OK coral”


This one reads

Here lies Lester Moore

 Four slugs from a 44 no more no less

Will Lodge killed playing cards 1883


Think of that the next time you call someone a cheat …

Here Lies George Johnson hanged by mistake 1882.

He was right,

We was wrong,

But we strung him up and now he is gone.

Tombstone was founded in 1877 after a silver strike by Ed Scheifferlin.

The most famous incident was The gunfight fight at the OK Coral which actually took place in a side street in Tombstone. The so called “cowboys” had a gun fight with Wyatt, Virgil and Morgan Earp with help from Wyatt’s friend Doc Holiday. 24 seconds and 30 shots later Billy Clanton, Tom and Frank McLaury were killed.

Today Tombstone has become a big tourist attraction with daily gunfight enactments.

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