Sunset in Andalusia
by Colleen and Alan Gosling
Chapter 2 - In The Beginning
The two houses Amy and Manolo took us to see. A lovely one down in the valley ... but then we saw Chiquitita!
The old farm house as first seen: taken with a telescopic lens from across the valley, the only way to get the whole of the front of in the picture.
The first ever sunset we saw at Chiquitita.
We went back on the Sunday, without the estate agents, just to make sure it really was the place we wanted. We enjoyed a picnic of spit-roasted chicken on the roof terrace.
When we visited in January to exchange contracts, we began to realise just how much had to be done.
Sitting on a water barrel in front of the fireplace enjoying a plastic cup of Rioja ... before our near disaster ...
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