Sunset in Andalusia
by Colleen and Alan Gosling
Chapter 16 - Vehicles
Bet you didn't know that a Vitara could tow 6 m lengths of wood?! (Chapter 11)
The quad and the small trailer full of all the necessary things to prepare for new guests.
Early living quarters for us. Open topped cars in this climate are a bit useless: you need the protection from the sun ...
Attaching the snowplough ... sorry, track grader.
The quad's arrival: dumped by the side of the road by the "jobsworth" driver.
The old grey lady's demise: put out to pasture as a rather grand tool box for Alan
Vicky showing she isn't just limited to towing small things and can tow the BIG trailer with the boy's toys.
And the Opel Frontera showing how it should be done ...
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