Sunset in Andalusia
by Colleen and Alan Gosling
Chapter 14 - Project Pool
A few steps to start with to get access to the area
Digging out the area and dumping the earth either side to make flat areas
makeshift chute to slide the sand and gravel down
But the blocks had to be carried individuallyNo,no .... please no olives ....!!"
Tania keeping fit shovelling stone
Levelling the all important base
Unrolling the steel sides of the pool
With the liner in, it's an exciting time after so much work to see the water going in
However, still plenty to do!
Learning to render the walls with mortar
Load testing the bar
Laying the rustic tiles around the pool
Colleen's first bricklaying job!
All done ... with the odd new touches here and there
Well worth the effort ... I think!!
Steps and flowers up to the finca
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