Oregon 2019

Part 3 of our trip up the Pacic Coast, Highway 1

Having now reached Orgeon we feelk more welcome than we did in California. There are more places to stay boondocking so we can linger and relax again.

Coffee stop– there are just so many when you have an RV!

Newport aquarium which Colleen loved the Californian Brown Pelican feeding

Tufted Puffin

Walk through tunnel. Very difficult to get any good photos duw to the reflection in the glass.

Bald Eagle at Yaquina lighthouse. There are 11 lighthouses along the Oregon coast and apart from 1 with a lenses from the UK the others had lenses from France when built in the 19th century. They all seem to be on land and quite low in height with the keepers living in cottages next to them.

Beverly Beach where we stayed at a huge State Park and had electric hook up . First time  for 18 months with elctric hook up from when we had to stay one night at a place in Utah.

Notice the washed out cliff edge which is only about 2 feet from the main highway. Next repair project coming up soon. There is huge coastal erosion up the Pacific coast and a permanent on-going repair job on Highway 1

Wow look at the bench. Solid tree cut up. We had to move it to get in to a site at Hebo Lake with our length. Not possible to lift the end even.

We found afterwards there are several dispersed camping spots just up the road.

Next to the creek at our site Hebo Lake.

Beware the bunny rabbit. We are not sure whether it was more frightened than Colleen as it came charging towards her at full speed having to do a fast about turn on seeing her.

Moved just up the road to this spot for free with plenty of sun for solar panels.

We have a humming bird here that keeps visiting us. At first we wondered what the loud buzzing was and thought it was a large insect doing a fly past … it turned out to be a hummingbird! It was kind enough to pause for a fraction of a second so we could see it … but not long enough for a photo.

Weather here hot to sit in sun and cold in the shade. The trees are just coming into leaf for spring.

Spending about a week here catching up on things and writing.

This is the trail head for the Indian Pioneer Trail and last weekend a few people left their cars here and walked it to the far lake to overnight.

We went onto Cape Lookout State Park after being in the forest on Hebo Mountain. Place is nice but the dump station is still closed from the winter season which is annoying.

They recycle here but only Oregon returnable plastic, aluminum cans, glass etc! Forget the rest of the world even if you have recyclable items.

This cheeky squirrel obviously has been fed and constantly hangs out next to us  trying to look cute.

Loops A and B still closed except open for 2 days at weekend. They are the nearest the sea but behind the sand dune so no view anyway. We have a site with trees and bushes on 3 sides. Oh if we use Rowdy they will charge us $7 a day extra for parking – so obviously we should go out on the roads around  here in  gas guzzling RV. Decide only to go on the beach.


Hang gliding on the beach they come down from the mountains behind.

Now there is a slight problem of crossing the creek outlet over the sand, particularly if you have short legs as as the mighty delta splits up at low tide.

The beach. Today it was one of two very sunny hot days in the high 20’s. First day it was cloudy and the third. There is a lot of mist coming up from the sea particularly where the cold creek comes out.

Far south end of the beach

Rock pool life. The sea gulls sit as the tide goes out catching things.Picture of a closed sea anenome.

Also there are small creatures like our woodlice but under water that attack live small crabs and start eating them. They are like a sort of woodlouse on land.


Rock pool hound.

Sunset on a high tide. Everyone comes out of the site and sits watching as the sun goes down each evening

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