Nevada and Arizona Fall 2018
Lake Mead Las Vegas

We fly Aer Lingus again to Las Vegas, via Dublin and San Francisco return. This trip we did not want to travel too far, just find the sunshine! We stayed at the Mardi Gras hotel  in  Las Vegas just off the ain strip and it is a sensible priced hotel including meals and bar drinks.

Having got our RV out of storage and spent a long day shopping, getting water at Vegas Bay Camp site ($20 a night if you stay but in Lake Mead National Park) etc we went to Government Wash for free dispersed camping.

We also had to buy a new America The Beautiful pass today for $80 which gains us free entrance to many Government parks

The first night here we stopped in a bad place with lots of locals going down fishing etc on top of us – but it was late when we got there.

Moved to this place in the morning which was great.

Coyote in the day time! They are all around howling at night and very close sometimes. Lots of helmeted quail running about on the ground as well

Sunset in the direction of Las Vegas.

The happy couple. Hmm we may have  thick tops on but the temperature would have been about 20 +.

Daytime is high 20’s and low 30’s but just right with the dry humidity. Lots of water drinking!

Cannot resist yet another sunset photo.

After a week we move on down across the Hoover Dam and end up at Kingman Wash. Crossing the Hoover Dam bypass interstate road all high sided vehicles are told to stay in the outside lane with vehicles passing you on the inside due to high winds.

We notice whilst at Kingman Wash that you get sudden heavy squalls and having been blown across a road last trip in Utah  we are glad we did as advised here!

In the picture Alan is standing on the original boat launching ramp, now way above water level.

Sunset at Kingman Wash dispersed camping area. Note the silhouettes on the beach edge of campers. We kept back a bit with a good view and away from all the fishermen and day trippers.

We have also seen that one company is using the bay as a training area for scuba divers. Beautiful clear water here.

Campfire for the marshmallows – so what if it is still in the 20’s!

We found that our generator would not work and it appeared the carburettor had a problem so if we wanted it we would have to get it repaired in Las Vegas.

Canoeing at Kingman Wash out to a beach we have found. In the background is the place we are camping.

To get to the campsite it is a 4 mile rough track, steep in places and no passing in places as well.

Heavenly here with the fabulous climate which is just right.


Swimming in the crystal clear water. Whenever I look at this photo i can still feel how cold the water was!  (I was used to water at 28C + for swimming.)

Our campsite Kingman Wash. Note there are warning signs of flash floods here and we should be out of the way – these are likely to happen July/August here in the thunderstorm season.

We decided to stay for another week so it meant driving back out over the very bumpy tricky trail in places. Hmm, it appeared Colleen had not seccured the high kitchen cupboard doors. We had coffee, sugar and other things being thrown out on the floor going uphill around bends and there was no way Alan was going to stop ….

Evening walk on the Lake edge and chatting to the fishermen

Yep, Flat Eric started to complain that he had not been out enough

Free camping on the beach. At the weekend until midday there seems to be a dive school on with about 8 trucks turning up and 2 separate training seasons in the water.

The water’s edge tends to be where the locals will turn up as groups on top of each other as well in the evening so we camp a bit further back above overlooking them and away from any noise.


Even Flat Eric Enjoys the sunset.

Evening walks at Kingman Wash Lake Mead. Sitting with a beer on a rock waiting for sunset.

You never know what might appear from around the corner in the lake. Yep a car. It drove out onto the beach and away.

Lots of donkeys wandering around. They all look in good health making their way around what small amount of shrubs there are for any new shoots

Sunset reflection in the RV window.

Coffee break at a view point whilst driving around the lake to a new place further in the North. Well deserved after such a hectic day shopping yesterday at Henderson. Walmart did not have the new tyre we had ordered for the RV even though we had received an email to say it was there.

Sorted out the onan generator problem as well so we now have one if needs be after over 3 weeks (no problems using solar)


On arrival at Stewart Point Lake Mead early we went down towards Rogers Point and just found somewhere OK for the night (too far back from the lake). In the morning Alan spent over an hour on Rowdy the bike looking for a great spot. Having found it then the intrepid rider Colleen had to follow on Rowdy whilst Alan drove the RV.



Yep this is the place next to the water and near the end of a small peninsular. Left alone and peaceful, unlike further away as you come down where most people stop and lots of locals go fishing.

Having found such beautiful spots we have decided not to travel so far this trip. (The next one will be up the West coast to Seattle)

Moon light shining over the lake directly at us. Beautiful sitting out in the evenings and plenty of dead wood for camp fires here as well.

We may loose some of the stars due to it being a full moon period coming up, but the moon is so lovely to be out under.


Lots of dragonflies here. We also have found a night visitor living close to us but can not get a photo as yet.

Looks like a gerbil  but is called an Ord kangaroo flying rat. He will sit and stare at you if you catch him in torch light and keeps his food in pouches outside his cheeks. No Marie we can not bring him home for you!



Echo Bay closed restaurant. Huge car park and camp sites here but they all look at dry land as the lake has dropped so much in level. In 2016 it had fallen 80ft over the last 20 years.

It was 2003 that the levels had dropped so much many of the boat ramps were no longer usable on Lake Mead.

Echo Bay closed ramp like so many due to the low lake level. It has dropped 80 feet in the last 20 years.. At least here they have made a track out to the furthest spit you can see from another point, so people can launch boats.

There is also an American Air force air rescue vessel here which they use on the lake for practices with their helicopters from the Nellis air force base in Las Vegas. The first night here they were doing a lot of night time practice out on the lake.


This has been a relaxing trip, not going very far. Orginally w ehad been going further south and across to California but there was no need.

The same as last trip we emptied the tanks at Echo Bay and then to storage in Las Vegas.

We stayed in the Mardi Gras Hotel again which was to become our preferred hotel getting a shuttle bus from Las Vegas airport and a taxi to and from the storage to there.

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