Navajo National Monument Onwards
Part 3 of our  Utah trip April 3rd until June 17th 2018
We continued around the North end of Lake Powell,back down therough Monument Valley, Navajo National Monument, another trip on the Colorado River and to The North Rim  of the Grand Canyon

In order to drive from Bryce to Page, Lake Powell you either had to return from North on Scenic Route 12 or loop around after Capitol Reef National Park  either down to Bull Frog Marina, Lake Mead and a ferry or on past Hite. Both the last two meet up at Monument Valley. We decided to go to the Bull Frog marina and ferry as there was great looking camping next to the lake – Big mistake. First of all, at the turning it said the ferry was not working, but the 45 miles to a great lake place was not a real problem. Dispersed camping was down a long track taking you to the pay station ($12 not even free!) but unless you had a 4×4 there was no way down to the Lake edge. The only spots for us were horrible, So, back up to Marina camping which was $30 without even hook ups, in a cheek by jowl place not near the lake. So we turned around 30 miles and found BLM land for the night .. free!

Found some nice places the next day near Hite (no longer exists as flooded by Lake Powell, not that the maps say that). However we continued onwards.

The only places we have been twice are Monument Valley and Navajo National Monument which we needed to do to complete our route to Page.

As before we thought Monument valley was pretty boring … .

Great to be back at the Navajo National Monument – free camping for 6 days 🙂 (We were here last autumn)

Anastasia ancient pueblo at the monument. There are Ranger lead tours down to it every day.

Saying goodbye for the last time on our travels to a great place.

Lone Rock Beach  near Page, Lake Powell was dispersed camping but cost $14 a night for nothing! You had to be careful where you drive due to deep sand in places. It was packed out on the beach edge.

We spent 2 nights here and the second one the sand blew everywhere in the evening.

Long bike ride for Alan back into Page and he booked a trip on the Colorado River below the dam.


Lone Rock Beach campers. We found a spot not immediatly on the waters edge with everyone camping on top of you but a bit further away. Why do some people just have to be so close whne there is plenty of room.

Lake Powell was disappointing dur to lack of places to stay an dthe cost  of those that were avaialble so we did not spend the amount of time there we had intended.

Float trip full day on the Colorado River below the Glen Canyon Dam. Organised by River Wilderness Adventures. Probably the half day would have been good enough as too slow. This is the only company allowed as you have to enter a Homeland Security are through a 1.1 mile tunnel to get access below the Glen Canyon Dam.. It is possible to get your canoes taken back up by them for a fee from Lees Ferry Crossing further down. There are campsites along the river with facilities.

Going around the Horse Shoe Bend is beautiful but not as impressive as when see from above – see later photo.

Stop for lunch on the Colorado river.

Horse Shoe Bend from above. Get to the parking before10.00 for space. In the words of the tourist office “it gets like a zoo out there”

After the trip we went to Walmart in the evening to get the RV oil changed at only $50. Then onto Denny’s to feed ourselves. This was the first time this trip we went to a restaurant and were not impressed with the service having arrived tired and dehydrated after our day out – we were not even offered the usual jug of cold water on arrival. As to when they expected 18% tip automatically they had to be joking. Maybe it was just as well Colleen went to pay and not me with my words of wisdom.

How to BBQ bagels properly and then add cream cheese and jam – yummy.

North Rim Grand Canyon. Angle View point.

We stayed for a few nights before on Forest Road 611 just outside but it had a view point further down so lots of traffic going past …  and people. who did not care what dust they kicked up going fast. It was also Memorial weekend whilst on FR 610 with lots of people looking for camping.


You need to go down the other road to Cape Royal Point in the North Rim which is max for 30ft RV due to the bends. The views down there are great. A bit tiring driving as you tend to be over the centre of the road most of the time and wheels on the inside on the edge. Hey I told Colleen it did not matter as if one of the rear wheels went over as there was an inner one still to keep us on the road. Maybe it was just as well I did not mention this until we got back……… (Gulp! C)


Notice the Colorado river in the distance – this is the West end of the Grand Canyon.


Wild Bison/Buffalo in the Grand Canyon Park.

We then went to Forest Road 22 to dispersed camping –  this was a great place much better than the last. It is 17 miles outside the Rim for Forest Land to camp on. Still 11 miles to the rim when you go past the pay booth.


Dixie Forest again and this time site dispersed site 5. Just a swe arrived the Rangers came along and prohibited camp fires everywher as the temperature was rising and huge forest fire risk now.

No trees for shade but we climbed down the very steep bank into the gulley where there was avery cold water river – great to sit in:)

Hot dry air biking.

As it was so hot we either had to go back to the North Rim of the GRand Canyon in the forest (100 mile sthe wrong way) or find somewhere better. We went to St George and brought a large mains fam and 2 large rubber rings for using as floaty toys!

We then drove back to Stewart Point on Lake Mead where the water would be cold. No one there everyone has moved north to cooler climbs. So we had the plac eto ourselves apart from locals coming for a swim.

So with our solar panels, mains and 12 V large fans we were set up for the next 10 days before having to go home.

A few locals looked at us in amazement as I drove Rowdy to the best swimming spot with colleen on the back + 2 large water rings  + canoe padels at times!

Sadly another trip was coming to an end.  This time we went to the dump station at the Echo Bay campsite on Lake Mead then stopped in a recreation area to clean up the RV and straight to Sunrise Boat and RV storage on Lake Mead Blvd.

We stayed for the first time then overnight at the Mardi Gras Hotel and Casino just off the main strip in Las Vegas which was a much better place. Sensible price meals and bar

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