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Motorbike-Scooter Rack

We decided that we needed a second means of transport to get around locally when in an area. Now most Americans tow a car, hmm many tow a large vehicle which to us is bigger than our normal family car!

We have a 150cc Rowdy SSR which whilst not of the highest power gets both of us around and also has storage space. The weight is 300 llb and we brought a rack for 500 lb from Amazon for about $70. Be warned the same rack is for sale at over twice the price in places!

When putting the rack together ensure you do not tighten the cross bolts too much as they will pull in the 2 side of the ramp – they have nyloc nuts to stop them coming undone, so this is not a problem. One bolt is left out to allow the front wheel to settle down in the frame and be more secure.

The Rowdy has quite a long frame between the wheels and this meant that when loading there was risk of catching the bottom cover below the engine at the top of the ramp making it difficult. We quickly modified the ramp as follows and shown in the photos below.

1.The top end of the ramp originally had the same profile as the bottom and it was square and high. With a junior hacksaw this was cut back each side.

2. We found the ramp could move and possibly jump off if the bike was not aligned properly and this was overcome by drilling 2 small homes though the rack end and then in line with the ramp. We use 2 tent pegs for the locating pins as this is what we had to hand!. You may have to drill the outer hole slightly larger in order to make pin alignment easier. This has been very successful.

3. Fitting a section of wood in the centre of the ramp by drilling a couple of holes and securing with screws ( we only had wood screws available at the time to put into the steel rack but if the correct size drill is used then then will go in tight. This then raises the front wheel higher as it goes over the centre which in turn raises the centre of the bike and increases the clearance over the ramp end.

4. We have also started to use some wood under the end of the ramp to raise it higher and decrease the angle, improving the clearance as well.

5. To load the Rowdy we have it’s engine running and use the engine power (it is an automatic so not clutch) driving the bike up slowly. The front wheel gets on the rack just before the rear reaches the ramp. If slightly out of alignment the ramp end can be moved sideways knowing that the top is pinned to the rack. What originally was tricky manoeuvre has now become easy 🙂

Rack showing securing straps and loading.
End of ramp cut back from a square end and locating pegs
Locating pegs
Wooden block in centre to raise height as wheel crosses
Wooden blocks to raise ramp end height
All loaded up
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