The Adventures of Footloose

Foootloose "able to travel freely and do as one pleases due to a lack of responsibilities or commitments"
We may not be as footloose as we want as we want but hey it's a start!
Introducing Footloose the RV - our start in being Fancy Free in America ...
From 2019 we continued our travels in Europe - in a caravan!

The Idea

In 2014, an idea took hold which just couldn’t be shaken loose, we were both seriously affected by an incurable travel bug. Whilst there are a lot of places on our list to see, we decided the USA had plenty to keep our bug at bay for a few years. Now, what better way to see America than to have one of their own RVs?

At first it seemed terrifyingly expensive, but we discovered a rental company that sold its used vehicles – often with a higher mileage than you’d expect for the year, but they were well-serviced and cared for.  All the things that regularly cause trouble in RVs were not installed on their fleet: no slide-outs or awnings. Everything was made to be as durable and hard-wearing as possible. For more information about that, take a look at the Practical Info pages.

Meanwhile we hope you enjoy looking at some of the amazing places we have visited … just click the links above for more photos and information

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