Book sales RV handbook and Sunset in Andalucia

Thank you to the people that have brought my RV Handbook in the American and European markets this last month. Also to those that have purchased Sunset in Andalucia.

After a year of covid and lockdown periods in Europe and many parts of the world many of us are looking forward to escaping again whether in Spain or traveling in our RV’s/motorhomes. I hope that my books are helping you to look forward to this.

The idea we had in 2014 of buying our own RV from Cruise America (ex rental) we see is still a very popular one by people. They all seem to have had good experiences doing this. I have been trying to delete many of my American adventure and Spanish photographs that are similar and have filled up my computer. All I seem to be doing though is look at them and have happy memories during this time.

Again thank you to everyone and please will you leave reviews on Amazon.

Happy travels in 2021

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