Footloose travels in America and Europe in a RV (motorhome)

Footloose travels in America and Europe in a RV (motorhome). This is the story of Alan and Colleen moving to Andalucia in 2003 and their life at La Cencerrita where they successfully literally built a holiday home rental business.  Their book tells the up, downs and laughter of many happy years. Please follow this link for pictures that go with their published book. Then writing a book Footlooserv handbook

So as to ensure our holiday guests had complete peace and quite away from it all, we changed the name of our actual finca to Finca Chiquitita in the book. Our real name was Finca Cencerrita.

Two RV books - one for Americans and the other for non residents

This part of the web site  is the story of  their future adventures buying and traveling in an RV (motorhome) in the USA over 4 years and then afterwards in   Europe in a caravan.

Our book although aimed at non US residents (American motorhome Lifestyle Handbook for Europeans) and residents (Owners Essential RV Handbook) It has a wealth of information for all Americans and non Americans wishing for their own RV, including how to save an extra $300 on the purchase of a Cruise America used RV. Delve into this mine of practical information: the book covers a wide range of topics including buying, registering, keeping, and maintaining your motorhome, alongside the more exciting bits of where to go and how to choose your campsites.
Colleen and her engineer husband, Alan, have travelled extensively in the last 4 years through the USA in a 30’ motorhome. So what? Lots of people are travelling like that in America! The difference is that they live in Europe and had to learn to cope with the difficulties of owning an RV from afar. At first it seemed an impossible thing to do but with determination and the help of the internet they solved all the problems. Now they are able to spend two to three months, twice a year, meandering in their own time through rural America. Extraordinarily satisfying.
Although an apparently expensive project, the fact that they spend most of their time “boondocking” (free camping in gorgeous places) makes the whole thing affordable.
The vehicle is always stored within reach of an international airport for when they have to return to Europe. To remain in a serviceable state ready for their next trip a great deal of thought and planning has been given to the whole project. This book is the product of their gathered experience. Hopefully you will find it useful and maybe it will give you the incentive to try the same thing … the joys of having time to “stop and stare” cannot be measured. Try it!


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